Windows 10 Update Problems

The PC Help Desk works on many computers and as such we’ve seen many different problems arise. One of the recent issues we’ve come across is an increase in odd issues that pop up right after a Windows 10 update.

Now as anyone that has worked on a Windows 10 computer knows, the updates for Windows are numerous and often. You never know when that updates pop up is going to come up on your screen and demand you restart you computer. As frustrating as these updates may be, they are necessary. They keep your software updated and help to prevent errors and fix security holes.

But as necessary as they are, we’ve run into some problems where these updates create new problems. We’ve seen odd network errors, computers that are knocked of their network after a Windows 10 update. We’ve seen updates causing speakers to quit working, internet connectivity to quit working and more.

And there are numerous articles all across the internet about problems people are having with weird “glitches” happening after Windows 10 updates. It’s happening to many people throughout the world.¬†Unfortunately there is no way to predict when one of these occurances may happen. They are random, and not every person will get the same error with the same update.

But not to worry, the PC Help Desk has years of experience troubleshooting issues such as these. If you find your computer working not quite right after a recent Windows 10 update, give the PC Help Desk a call. We can help you get your computer back to normal and working for you.

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