ADA Compliance

By Jen February 1, 2020 Blog
We'd like to bring a very important matter to your attention. Website ADA compliance, unfortunately this has become a hot button topic in the last couple of years and is starting to affect more and more website owners. Let me explain. There is no clear cut federal laws on ADA compliance…

Windows 10 Update Problems

By Jen January 7, 2020 Blog
The PC Help Desk works on many computers and as such we've seen many different problems arise. One of the recent issues we've come across is an increase in odd issues that pop up right after a Windows 10 update. Now as anyone that has worked on a Windows 10…

Professional Website or DIY Website?

By Jen December 12, 2019 Blog
You're scrolling through your facebook feed or surfing the web and you see it....that ad for some really easy looking DIY (Do It Yourself) website builder. It's cheap, maybe it's even free, and  you think...hmmmm I could do that and save myself some money on an expensive website. It's the…