ADA Compliance

We’d like to bring a very important matter to your attention. Website ADA compliance, unfortunately this has become a hot button topic in the last couple of years and is starting to affect more and more website owners. Let me explain.
There is no clear cut federal laws on ADA compliance for websites, the ADA laws were set in place before the explosion of the internet. But as we’re finding, that doesn’t mean the ADA laws can’t be applied to websites. Court rulings are mixed, but there have been enough rulings against businesses to create serious concern. Learn more here from this legal source: (“)
Below are some articles from top news websites discussing the rising incidence of lawsuits over non ADA compliant websites.

We’ve recently been made aware through one of our clients of a local Southern California cafe (3 locations) that was targeted for one of these lawsuits. Faced with a $25,000 lawsuit, the cafe chose to settle for $5000. This is quite concerning for many, as most small businesses would be hard pressed to be hit with such a lawsuit. 

Seeing this hit a local small business, and as a small business ourselves, we felt it was necessary to bring this issue to you, our clients and website owners. You as a website owner need to be aware of this potential risk so you can make informed decisions that are right for your website and business. As your technology provider, we feel we would be remiss in our duties if we didn’t bring this to you. We will be making the necessary changes to our own site as well to reduce our risk.

Unfortunately, because there are no clear cut laws/rules on how to make a website ADA compliant, there is no way to GUARANTEE safety from a lawsuit….but there are things we can do to DRASTICALLY REDUCE your risk. The good news is that as a PCHD client, your website was designed/developed by Jen our web developer with certain SEO (search engine optimization) compliancy rules (these make your site easier to be found on search engines)….many of these SEO compliance rules are a part of ADA suggested compliance as well. So you do already have some of what you need already built in to your website! 
But there’s a bit more we should be considering for your site, such as for example:

an “Accessibility” button that allows for text size changes, several various contrast changes for the visually impaired, removal of ‘moving’ or ‘animated’ items with a button click for those with seizures, ensuring consistent keyboard navigation without a mouse for mobility impaired, closed captioning and/or text transcripts for video or audio for the hearing impaired, and pause/stop/hide and timing adjustment for slideshows.

We can provide an individual report for your website to determine which of these items would apply and would need to be implemented to bring your website to the current industry standard of WCAG 2.1 ADA compliance as recommended/suggested by the W3 Consortium, a web standards compliance organization, who’s rules are being implemented across the state of California’s government websites and being used to create new ADA website compliance laws right here in California (federal laws are expected to be enacted soon as well).

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions/concerns and/or to discuss your website and how we can help you to reduce this risk. 

Windows 10 Update Problems

The PC Help Desk works on many computers and as such we’ve seen many different problems arise. One of the recent issues we’ve come across is an increase in odd issues that pop up right after a Windows 10 update.

Now as anyone that has worked on a Windows 10 computer knows, the updates for Windows are numerous and often. You never know when that updates pop up is going to come up on your screen and demand you restart you computer. As frustrating as these updates may be, they are necessary. They keep your software updated and help to prevent errors and fix security holes.

But as necessary as they are, we’ve run into some problems where these updates create new problems. We’ve seen odd network errors, computers that are knocked of their network after a Windows 10 update. We’ve seen updates causing speakers to quit working, internet connectivity to quit working and more.

And there are numerous articles all across the internet about problems people are having with weird “glitches” happening after Windows 10 updates. It’s happening to many people throughout the world. Unfortunately there is no way to predict when one of these occurances may happen. They are random, and not every person will get the same error with the same update.

But not to worry, the PC Help Desk has years of experience troubleshooting issues such as these. If you find your computer working not quite right after a recent Windows 10 update, give the PC Help Desk a call. We can help you get your computer back to normal and working for you.

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Professional Website or DIY Website?

You’re scrolling through your facebook feed or surfing the web and you see it….that ad for some really easy looking DIY (Do It Yourself) website builder. It’s cheap, maybe it’s even free, and  you think…hmmmm I could do that and save myself some money on an expensive website. It’s the same thing right? A website on the internet.

And that’s the thing, they aren’t the same. That DIY website builder is offering you a templated design/layout….meaning everyone and their mother will be using the same one. So how will you standout? It won’t match your brand, and even if you can make some changes to make it a little different…odds are there are going to be major limitations to what you can change.

Now if looking like every one else doesn’t really matter to you, at the very least it should greatly matter whether your website can be found or not! What good does a website do you if no one can find it,  no one sees it. The whole goal of having a business website is for potential clients/customers to find you right? And with a DIY website builder you’ll be missing many of the key SEO tools that are critical in a website being successful. 

Yes, getting a professionally done website can be expensive. But keep in mind that it is a ‘marketing tool’ and every marketing tool is going to have a cost. You pay for business cards, letterhead, brochures and more without really thinking about it…but the fact is, your website will have a much higher ROI (return on investment) when professionally built than any other tool in your marketing arsenal. So as such, your website should cost more.

A professional website can increase business, help potential customers/clients reach you, and even sell products. The PC Help Desk can help you with a professional website.

Our web developer, Jen has over 15 years experience in web design and development. Her marketing first approach to web development ensures your professional website will be found and will be worth every penny you spend.

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