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Just keeping your computer and related hardware clean can make a difference. Dust, dirt, crumbs, hair, etc., can clog a keyboard, mouse, printer and PC fans. Especially the fan in the back of the computer. This fan keeps your system cool and can burn out if not taken care of. First make sure that your computer is off and then do some cleaning with a spray can of compressed air. You can purchase this at any hardware or electronics store. Don't use the vacuum as this can cause static electricity, an evil enemy to your computer. Once every few months is all it takes.
There are now over 60,000 viruses infecting our computers today with more being developed each month! You must have an anti-virus detection software program installed or you will be attacked. There are a number of reliable and affordable anti-virus software programs available. These programs can be set to protect you all day long while keeping up with the new viruses being released each day. On our downloads page you can purchase 2 great programs one on anti-virus and the other on malware.